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The Longneck ‘Rita

“An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure….”

The above quote is one of my favorites.  Please keep it in mind while reading this post (bonus points if you know where it came from).  WARNING: if
you ‘re craving a freshly squeezed lime margarita with fancy hot pepper infused tequila, move it right along, because  you’re not going to find that here.  I’ll post the fancy cocktail next month.  Until then, here is the “Whisky Tango” version of the popular drink.  Also known as the “White Trash” or “Beer Margarita”, my friends are big fans of the “Longneck Rita”.

It’s perfect for “emergency” situations.  We had such an emergency on Friday evening, when the outside temperature reached 70 degrees.  SEVENTY. DEGREES. That’s a big deal for us Vitamin D starved Oregonians.

Tequila (don’t waste the good stuff here), Triple Sec, Beer (technically it should be a bottle of Mexican beer, but we stock the Vitamin R’s around here), and fresh all natural Limeade Concentrate.

In a pitcher, mix together:
1 can limeade
3/4 can tequila (use the empty limeade can)
1/4 can triple sec
1 bottle of beer

Fill blender 3/4 full of ice.  Pour in enough of the mixture to BARELY cover the ice–but not completely.  Blend longer than you think you should–this thing should resemble a slushy from 7-11.  Classy.

Stay tuned for next month’s posting on the margarita inspired by our trip to The Mission Restaurant and Lounge in Scottsdale.  It’s the best margarita that I’ve ever had.  Ever.



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