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THINGS I LIKE: liquid sunshine wheatgrass

Because the weather has been shite…and because I like to keep my hands dirty, I recently planted some Liquid Sunshine Wheatgrass.  It grows quickly and makes a great springtime centerpiece!
DAY ONE:  Plant the seeds according to packet directions, then place the pots in a sunny, south facing window.
DAY FIVE:  The sprouts emerge quickly!

After one week the grass measured about 4 inches in height.
FUN FACTS about wheatgrass juice (by Botanical Interests, Inc.):
  • It has more vitamin C than OJ
  • Helps purify the liver (ahem…if you need that sort of thing)
  • Keeps hair from turning gray (what???) 
Caution:  Do NOT put wheatgrass in your normal juicer as it may clog it.  They manufacture commercial juicers that produce the liquid, so double check before you try it in yours!  Most people grind it up and add a little water.   OR….you can just put it on your dining room table, where it looks REALLY cute.

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