WINE STEAL trader joe’s grand reserve – 2009 cabernet

I am no wine snob.  Just wanted to make that perfectly clear from the get-go.  I am, however, a Trader Joe’s shopping snob (stated smugly whilst shining my nails upon my lapel).  Seriously, if shopping at Trader Joe’s were a competitive sport, I would absolutely be on Varsity.  Maybe even Pro.  So, it took me completely by surprise when I learned that I have been missing out on, perhaps, one of the BEST TJ’s deals:  their estate produced wine, marketed under their own private label.  I’ve walked past these bottles countless times, dismissing it as “generic wine”.  What a ROOKIE!  The Trader Joe’s 2009 Grand Reserve Cabernet is a total steal at $12.99 per bottle.  Produced by a top-secret winery, this wine could easily sell in the mid $20 range should they market it under their own label.

Truth be told, I vacillated about whether or not to post about this.  Mainly because I want to go back to Trader Joe’s and buy the remainder of their stock immediately (once it’s gone, it’s gone, folks).  But then I remembered that I’m the one who’s totally late to the party on this.  So here you go:  don’t pass this one up, it’s well worth your thirteen bucks.

I will now ride the pine, with my tail between my legs, on the JV shopping squad.  At least I can soothe my wounded ego with another glass of this fabulous cab.



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3 responses to “WINE STEAL trader joe’s grand reserve – 2009 cabernet

  1. B and I discovered this a few months back, and were totally pumped. It is gee-double-oh-dee! Just to be clear, if you and I are ever in the TJ’s wine aisle at the same time, prepare to be boxed out. Just sayin’.

  2. Just leave my peanut butter pretzels alone and we’ll be fine, Zundelf.

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