HOME TOUR powder room redux

With the exception of a quick jaunt to Mexico, we have been up to our usual antics here in Kleeville: painting and tiling anything that stands still.  Our latest conquest has been the tiling of our kitchen backsplash, which is not quite worthy of photo documentation at this point.  In the mean time, I can offer you a peek at another little project that we finished prior to our trip.

Mad props go to our builder, Cory McCandliss, for incorporating several unique touches into what was originally built as a spec home.  One of my favorite rooms is this little powder room, located off the kitchen.  When we first toured the house, I immediately swooned over the basin sink and bamboo pedestal that Cory built into this bathroom.  The original wall color, Lenox Tan by Benjamin Moore, started to look dingy over time.  Having recently painted the living room in “Metal Shavings”, we decided to go with another dark gray.  We chose “Chelsea Gray” by Benjamin Moore, as it compliments the travertine tile so nicely.

Here’s the before picture.  Before you look at it, I just want to say a few things.  Firstly, this is the ONLY picture I could find of the previous color (believe me, I looked HARD).  Secondly, my husband is a really good person.  Thirdly, this was taken on the night of my surprise 35th birthday.  We maybe might have ended up at Jack’s that night.  Or maybe he had food poisoning.  Or something.  What I’m trying to say is:  please attempt to reserve your judgement.  (Actually, you should go ahead and judge our friend Rich, because it was ALL his fault.)  Anyhoo….here it is.  The BEFORE photo:



Sorry about getting my thumb in that lovely shot.  (Pretty sure I had a 7 layer burrito from Taco Bell in my other hand.)  And here…ta daaaaaa… is the AFTER photo:



We are thrilled with how the dark paint contrasts with the sink and artwork:


PAINT COLOR:  Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore
BASIN SINK:  Decolav

Coming soon:  kitchen tile backsplash.  So far I am elated with the results.  The tile is on the wall, next comes the grout.  Good times all up in here!



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8 responses to “HOME TOUR powder room redux

  1. Kim Hurley

    Looks great Jen & Matt ! Nice contrast.. easy on the eye. Can’t wait to see the backsplash in kitchen.

  2. Tracy

    Wow, what a transformation. It looks amazing! The beautiful bamboo sink looks so much more rich and is not lost in the walls and floor any more. Nice work!!

  3. Oh, my word! I just busted a gut. I especially love that you were charging a 7-layer burrito all the while. Bahahahaaa!!!

    • You could be the ONLY person who appreciates the before photo more than the after. We may have gone through the drive-thru in a cab that night. And our Taco Bell bag may or may not have been so large that it required handles. Maybe.

  4. I love the dark paint. We are going to paint ours charcoal grey with one powder blue wall. =)


    p.s. I’m spamming you with the new site cause it helps the SEO and I NEED HELP! 😉

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