things i like: EVA’S CHAI PUMPKIN LOAF

photo by Adventures in Cooking

Because it’s almost Thanksgiving (what?!) and because I’m good at sharing….I thought I would pass this little gem along.  The fabulous Eva, over at Adventures in Cooking, posted this recipe back in September.  I have proceeded to bake (and consume) this bread more times than I can even count.  The only variation that I make is adding a dash of nutmeg.  Do not skimp on the buttermilk, as it gives the bread perfect texture (I ran out of buttermilk once, and substituted yogurt in my panicked state, which turned out fine– but I prefer the buttermilk version).   You could even spread on a bit of  caramel cream cheese frosting to really sweeten it up.  But then again, it is just fine on its own.  Enjoy!



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  1. This looks delicious! I’ve been meaning to make some yummy bread for a while now, thanks for the link!

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