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So, I’ve been a total slacker on my WFD posts.  I won’t bore you with excuses (although I have many…and they’re all totally legitimate… mostly totally legitimate), but now that I’m back to work, it’s time to get organized in the kitchen.  My friend, Kacie, is a rockstar about posting her meal plans.  She is my inspiration, as she posts her plans for the entire MONTH.  That’s right.  Although I can’t quite wrap my brain around that at this point, I will say that meal planning is key when trying to control your budget…not to mention your waistline.  It is nice to come home after a long day at work and know that dinner is planned.  Although not everyone is a fan of leftovers, it really helps to “recycle” meals during the work week.  So, in the vein of staying focused and accountable, here is my plan for the week of October 16-20:

Sunday:  BLT’s and TJ’s Organic Tomato Bisque (driving home from Bend)
Monday: Kacie’s Tuna Noodle Casserole with salad
Tuesday: leftovers (this is a work night for me)
Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken
Thursday:  Tacos, using the Wednesday leftovers (work night)
Friday:  date night!



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6 responses to “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?

  1. Yum! Thanks for the shout out Jen Jen. I’m a total leftovers girl. Had so much fun with you at the shower. Let’s drink some wine together (and eat something too) asap!


  2. Andrea Fisk

    Tonight’s dinner was called “I’m Sorry”. Homemade butternut squash soup that tasted like “soup”-a direct quote, and homemade tomato soup (from my garden) that tasted like hot tomatoes. Everyone was nice about it, but a certain silence fell over the table. Friday’s dinner will be called “Redemption Nacho Night”. Oh, Jen, challenge for you… what to do with a sh*t load of hot tomato souplike mixture?

    • Oh, sweet Andrea. 🙂 One of my favorite Julia quotes is about never apologizing at the table. Easier said than done. Hot tomato souplike mixture….could you add diced tomatoes, garlic, and onions and turn it into a pasta sauce? (you could freeze leftovers) OR….make a vat of chili with it? (which also freezes well) You add enough stuff for chili that no one would ever have to know it started as soup. 🙂

  3. Jean T

    And now you have inspired me to pan out my meal plan for the week…including my lunches! My waistline is not liking the new job, or maybe it’s liking it and I’m not liking the waistline!

  4. Kate

    you should strat a meal planning service along with your trader joes shoping service ; )

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