THINGS I LIKE sunshine & iced coffee

Now that summer has finally arrived, life just seems better.

The yard is slowly coming alive….

My cutting garden will soon be full of dahlia blooms….

Orange kitty is tuckered out from mousing in the field all day…
Good kitty!!!   

A new season of True Blood is back on TV…

Oops.  Sorry….I got distracted there.  Where was I?!…

Oh, Summer.  I love summer.  The temperature is perfect for drinking these….

I’m weighing the pros and cons of running an IV line of iced coffee straight into my arm.  Pioneer Woman posted her “Perfect Iced Coffee” recipe in June, and I’ve been filling the iced tea jug in my fridge with it ever since.  It’s delicious.  And addictive.  You should make some.  Now.




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5 responses to “THINGS I LIKE sunshine & iced coffee

  1. Thanks for sharing that – I never like how my homemade iced coffee came out, and now I understand why. (And on a side note, I’m totally jealous you have HBO – can’t wait to watch S4.)

  2. Kerry lee

    Wow that is distracting! I love the new yard art by the way, I keep forgetting to say something. I can’t wait to drink caffeine again, although it may be tough will all the wine I will be consuming 🙂

    • Thanks, Kerry Lee!!! I love my yard art too….it was a gift from Julia for my birthday. I’m more than happy to help you with your post-delivery wine consumption….I just happen to have a lovely bottle that I’ve been saving. 🙂

  3. Amy Colter

    Shut the front door! I can’t wait to try this. It’s 2:02 here and I’m waiting out an ebay bid. Crazy, I know but even crazier without coffee. Bring me some of that right now!!!

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