DIY: Origami Paper Banner

Happy freakin’ summer!  Not sure what exactly is in the water, but it is baby-palooza all up in here.  Many of my friends have either just had babies, or are expecting soon.  In early June, Treadmill Mom and I had a blast throwing a “Fiesta Baby Shower” for our dear soon-to-be-mommy friend.  More on that later (insert Spicy Cantaloupe Margarita teaser), but first, here is a sneak peek at one of the decorations that we made.

These banners were sooo easy to make.  Inspired by Martha (who else?!), they came together quickly.  I love the bright colors and fun patterns of origami paper, so I opted for these instead of tissue paper.  Then, I used my herb scissors to cut the fringe along the bottom.

origami paper, herb scissors, glue, tape, twine

STEP 1:   Hold two sheets of origami paper together (patterned side facing out), and fold the top down about an inch.  Dab a bit of glue between the crease and  the twine.  Secure with a clothespin while the glue dries.

STEP 2:  Tape the top edges down, then cut fringe along the bottom of the banner (I used my herb scissors, which made it go very quickly).  DONE!  Bam.  It’s that easy!!

I made about five of these suckers…because I was really crazy in the zone.   Fortunately my “friend”, ahem, went around the house and pointed out all the papers that I forgot to cut fringe into.  Note to self: check your work before the guests arrive.

We found this “Baby Mama” papel picado banner on ETSY.  So.  Fun.

Next up:  tissue flower tutorial and SPICY CANTALOUPE MARGARITAS (seriously….so good).  But first…I’m off to bike camp.  That’s right.  Because I’m twelve.  Adiós…


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  1. I love these. Awesome.


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