ROCK THE VOTE: Best Burger in The Gorge

If you are familiar with the Hood River/White Salmon area, this is your big chance to weigh in on an important matter….where to find the best burger in town. It’s tough to narrow down precisely what constitutes “the BEST burger”.  High quality ground steak?  Cheese?  Toasty buns?  Appropriate price point?   And then there’s the whole “slider” genre. Don’t get me started….

When friends come to visit my lovely town, they often ask where to find the best burger.  So, I’m rallying the troops.  If you’ve thrown down a great burger in the Gorge, I’d like your two cents.

Photo Credit: Everybody's Brewing

Personally, my vote goes to the XXX Burger at Everybody’s Brewing in White Salmon, Washington.  For ten bucks, they serve up a 1/2 pound, naturally raised beef patty, with muenster cheese and all the fixings.  For a buck extra, you can rock PEANUT BUTTER and pickles on that thing.  Really?!  Think that sounds gross?  Try it.  I double-dog-dare-you not to love it.  Oh, and did I mention their sweet potato fries?!   Redonkulous.

Who do you think serves the best burger?  This information could REALLY help somebody out (especially  if “somebody” had a long night at Jack’s and needs a little grease, stat. Hypothetically).  So please, do your part and cast your vote:



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11 responses to “ROCK THE VOTE: Best Burger in The Gorge

  1. Catherine

    I voted for Henni’s over Everybody’s…..they use hormone free beef (ground in house) and make their buns and pickles there too. I also appreciate the kitchen’s ability to cook your beef to order. Everybody’s just can seem to cook their burgers more than med-rare (even when you ask). Normally, medium rare is my preferred level of doneness, but now that I’m pregnant, I do appreciate a kitchen that’s ready and willing to listen to a customer’s order. I look forward to hearing what other folks think though.

    Celilo’s burger is my #2 at the moment—especially during happy hour. 🙂

    • LOVE Henni’s too! It’s a tough choice (these are the things that keep me up at night)… The good news is that you have GREAT burger options in White Salmon 🙂

      • Amy Colter

        I love, Love, LOVE the XXX Burger at Everybody’s Brewing. My family and I went to visit Jen a year ago and suddenly we couldn’t get enough of Everybody’s. Once we got a taste of the XXX Burger with the peanut butter and all, we were hooked! When we got home we immediately got started on duplicating and now I have my whole neighborhood hooked. I can’t wait to go back. To see Jen, I mean. Wink, wink.

    • Katie Haynie

      I fully agree with Catherine!!

  2. Katie Haynie

    UGH! So frustrated that you won’t let me number my favorites. 🙂 I like to think of myself as a burger snob, so I am all about a mean burger. Lucky for me, there are a few places around that know how to make a burger! There’s nothing worse than expecting a great burger and getting less than. I can’t wait to see the final results! I was on the fence about where to cast my vote. Duh! This is just so exciting for me, Jen!

    • So funny, Katie….Matt wanted to rank his choices too, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it that way….still learning the program. Really the possibilities are endless….there’s the Happy Hour burger, the under $5 burger… I mean, where does it end?! 🙂

  3. Tracy

    So sad that I can not contribute to this poll. Now that I am deprived of good burger joints, I am on a constant hunt to find the best one in each city I visit, when ever I am back in the states. I need to get to the Gorge and do some research! 🙂
    PS: Why have I not heard about this XXX Burger untill now?!?! I may need to try to replicate it at home.

    • Trace! YES!!! I will help you with your research. 🙂 Is PB readily available in Germany?! If not, I’ll ship some to you, stat. Miss you…xoxo

  4. Eva

    That burger does look awesome. I’ve never stopped in Hood River, just driven through it. Next time I’m on the road, though, I’ll make a pit stop at Everybody’s Brewing 🙂

    • Hey Eva! Thanks so much for stopping by….I love your blog 🙂 You should definitely make the trek to Hood River on your next visit home!!! (PS– the rosemary fries were a big hit the other night…thanks again)

  5. Matt

    I vote Twin Peaks. Small restaurant and not much seating, but the burgers and prices are great. Where else can you get a cheeseburger and milkshake for around five bucks that is filling and tastes great?

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