THINGS I LIKE: spring blooms AND rush creek planters

SPRING IS HERE!  SPRING IS HERE!  (Insert Navin R. Johnson and his new phonebook here.)

While I realize that we are not completely out of the woods, at least we can see a teeny tiny light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  Rain, sun, hail, snow, sun, rain, wind….welcome to a typical spring day in Oregon!  It’s still a bit early to fire up the garden, but I did plant my first flowers on Sunday afternoon.  YESSSSS.   This could not come a minute too soon, as I’ve been in major bloom withdrawals.

Early spring is the perfect time for one of my favorite flowers: ranunculus.  Here are my happy flowers, in one of my favorite planters by Rush Creek Designs.  Hood River’s adorable Good News Gardening carries a variety of these planters, including their biodegradable Juniper collection.

The bright colors and modern designs take me to my happy place:

Hellloooo spring….it’s nice to see you again!

SUN EXPOSURE: Full to Partial
SEASON: Late Late Spring/Early Summer
WATER:  Keep soil moist and well drained. Avoid overwatering
FERTILIZER:  High Nitrogen
*Deadhead regularly to encourage new blooms!*

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