True confession:  I sort of have a crush on Hood River.  Not only are we spoiled with year round outdoor recreation and amazing views, but we also get to indulge in fabulous local wine and fruit.  Even more exciting is when the fabulous fruit grows in our very own backyard!  I’m happy to report that we have a lovely cherry tree growing in the front of our house.  Sadly, it produces sour cherries…. wah waaah waaaaaaaaaah.  Luckily, we can jaunt (literally) up the street to my sister-in-law’s property and ravage the sweet dark cherries that grow in abundance on her tree.  Last year, we dried many of the cherries, which made for some ridiculously delish chocolate chunk and dark cherry cookies.  This year, I decided to try my hand at making Cherry Salsa.  I now have a new addiction and as any good addict will do, I thought I’d pass it along to you….

Admittedly, cherry picking in 90+ degree temps can be somewhat daunting…the results, however, are well worth the sweat: 

Amongst many thoughtful birthday gifts this year, I also received this cherry pitter.  Exciting, right?!  VERY.  Anyone who has stood in the kitchen, pitting an endless bowl of fruit can appreciate my excitement: 

Once the cherries were cleaned and pitted, I gave them a rough chop and threw them in the food processor for a few pulses (careful not to over process) with the following: 

  • lime juice
  • honey
  • red onion
  • garlic
  • cilantro
  • chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (*seeds removed)

The result was a deep red, smoky and sweet salsa that my husband and my friends can’t seem to get enough of!  

PS– If you’ve never tried locally made Juanitas tortilla chips, do yourself a favor and grab a bag muy pronto.  You’ll thank me later.  Buen provecho….



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2 responses to “CHERRY SALSA

  1. My husband will take all the sour cherries you want to give! He picked the better part of 25lbs of Montmorency (sour) cherries in Mosier last year. He has used them in pies, crisps and smoothies. Sour cherries are also great dried—we found a big bag of dried sour cherries at Costco!

    I second your crush. I tell my kids all the time that we are SO lucky to live here. They don’t understand now, but once they leave for college or other life change, they’ll get it. And they’ll come back. 🙂

  2. Come and get ’em, Marisa! You are welcome to take as many as you would like… provided that you share some of that cherry crisp with us. 🙂

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