A few weeks ago my husband and I were invited to arguably the strangest party we’ve ever attended.  We stuffed our faces and consumed many shots.  How does this differ from any other party?!  For starters,  we were eating raw lemon while alternating between shots of balsamic vinegar and/or tabasco sauce.  DELICIOUS, right?!  According to various foodie blogs, “Taste Tripping” or “Flavor Tripping” parties are all the rage.   

“Miracle Fruit” is a berry native to West Africa, which distorts the sweetness receptors in taste buds.  It causes sour foods to taste incredibly sweet (we thought of it as LSD for the taste buds).  Don’t let the Chinese writing on the box fool you,  it’s totally legal.  It may be consumed as a whole berry or in tablet form.  We allowed the miracle fruit tablets to dissolve into our taste buds, then dug into a shmorgishborg of acidic, sour food.  Lemons were definitely the crowd favorite–imagine biting into the sour yellow fruit and tasting nothing short of sweet juicy candy. The trippy effects lasted for nearly an hour. 

In retrospect, it would have been ideal to sample less familiar items prior to taking the tablets.  About a week after the party, we went to our friend’s home and tried the raw unsweetened cranberry juice for a second time and were shocked to realize that it in no way resembled the sugary Ocean Spray type juice we remembered.  Frame of reference is key to taste tripping. 

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is: yes….we did have stomach aches later.  But nothing that would prevent us from any future Flavor Tripping fun.  


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